7Breaths came about following discussion on the NHS Hack Day mailing list.

Measuring the patient's respiratory rate is often done badly and inaccurately as it's actually a bit tricky to count it. Medical dogma also states that the rate should be counted over one minute. But is this really necessary. It is common practise for people to count the rate over 15 seconds and multiple by 4.

The idea that came about was that if a patient had a respiratory rate of 24 then counting over 15 seconds and multiplying is probably fine, but not if the rate is 7. So maybe a better way would be to stop the count after a certain number of breaths had been taken. And the number proposed was 7!

The app in it's current in-carnation will actually require the user to count the rate over a minute. This data is collated and we intend to analysis it to challenge the dogma of needing a minute worth of breaths. Once we have this data we can modify the app appropriately.

This app has been released as an Open Source project and this is available in our GitHub repository. It is there so that you can see exactly what data we are collecting and also for people to contribute and learn.

We would like to thank in advance all the people that download and use the app as the more data we have the more useful the analysis. We will make the data available and feedback results to the community.

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