Patient Care System

The Patient Care System (PCS) is an electronic healthcare record (EHR) system for secondary and tertiary hospitals.

It provides a simple, comprehensive and user friendly means of accessing all the information required to manage a patient’s stay in hospital, clinic or care home.

Developed by clinicians, managers and support staff to follow existing routines and clinical pathways. Just one login is needed to access all patient information and complete tasks.

Features include:

  • ADT (Admission, Discharge and Transfer) processing
  • Patient record management
  • In patient list management
  • Multidisciplinary handover management
  • Clinical documentation
  • Out of hospital contact management
  • Clinical alert management, including pathway alerts for QUIPP compliance
  • Interoperability with other hospital system
  • Integration with hard copy document management systems
  • Audit management

PCS is available on PC/Mac/Linux, mobiles and tablet PC's.

To find out more or to arrange a demonstration please message us

The desktop client can be executed on Windows / Unix and OSX platforms

The server requires a Unix / Windows environment

Integration with Docuware requires a Windows 2008+ server and appropriate licenses

The desktop interface is translatable into any language